When I was young  (must be more than 10 years ago..) I drew, painted and made collages all the time. For some reason I stopped but now I miss it, and when I was trying to organize my storage boxes I came across these many many drawings and collages. This is a trip down memory lane when grunge was peaking and I, like many other teenagers, was trying to figure out who I was in this world…

Japanese paper and my print

Little book with poems, drawings and collages


I cut images out of magazines and my drawings and pasted them into books.

Anatomic studies

My fathers hand, very similar to mine

Still my favourite colours

“Ants on the carpet”

Watercolours and cut out images

This is a small selection of my stuff from the 90´s but I like that they are left unfinished and open. I was trying things out without knowing what it would turn out to be and with no purpose other than the process itself.

Some early doodles…where did they go?  You draw one line then it creates the next and so forth, that is what I miss, so below I have cut out images to try to recreate that moment when you start creating without thinking too much. Would love to draw doodles with no purpose again ღ